The Iron Saint was the first comic book series I created and wrote.  I started in mid 2005 and had written the six books by early 2006.  I then set out to find the best artists I could find to bring it to life.  

My first call was to Joe Madureira, who I had credited in game magazines with inspiring Jak and Daxter's art style.  Luckily for me he remembered the compliments and took the call.  A little coercing and I had the designs for the two main characters, Iron and Angel.  To flesh out the rest of the crew Joe recommended Jeff Matsuda, whose sense of style really brings the cast to life.  I love these guys, and I have collaborated with them many times since.  The rest of the style book was created at Blur Studios under the direction of Chuck Wojtkiewicz.  If you know comics, you will know that this is far more pre-production then most books go through, but I really wanted to hit it out of the partk.  Chuck and his team did so