It's impossible to encapsulate in words what it was like to start a company with Andy Gavin at 15 years old, create the #1 Video game on the planet a decade later, and then watch the team go on to create the Game of the year in 2013.  

But this video, created by Naughty Dog and Sony for the 30th anniversary of Naughty Dog comes pretty damn close.

I can't possibly do justice to all of the Naughty Dogs by naming them here, but from the first 8 person team to the 100 some odd that were there when I "retired" the Naughty Dog's were always the hardest working, most talented group of people I have had the honor to work with.  AAA video games are the creation of larger and larger teams, but no matter how big they get, the input of every member of the team is instrumental.  If one area is weak, the whole is weak.  Naughty Dog is great at making sure that absolutely everything is of the highest quality. 

There are a huge number of external people that were instrumental in Naughty Dog's, and by extension my success.  Chief among them would be Trip Hawkins, who identified the potential talent in two geeky 17 year olds and gave us a shot making games for Electronic Artists, Skip Paul, who brought us to Universal Studios and gave us the space and backing to create Crash, Mark Cerny, who was always the "n+1'th" Naughty Dog and taught me that game design is as much science as art, Shuhei Yoshida, our first and greatest producer and Godfather of Naughty Dog, Kaz Hirai, who accepted Naughty Dog's unique culture at the acquisition and preserved it thereafter, and of course Sony's international team of Management, Producers, Marketeers, Salespeople, and other staff.  

I've lived a very lucky life, and I know that I owe that to the Naughty Dog's, the people I listed above, many more that I have inadvertently missed, and of course those that have played my games.  

Once a Naughty Dog, always a Naughty Dog.



Video Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment.