Jason Rubin

I'm an American video game director and producer, comic book creator, perpetual entrepreneur, investor, and VR fanatic.  

You might know me from the Crash Bandicoot series of Video Games from Naughty Dog, the game I co-founded with childhood friend Andy Gavin in 1986.  We sold Naughty Dog to Sony Computer Entertainment in 2001 after completing the final game in the Jak and Daxter series.

The video games I've directed have sold over 40 million copies worldwide and the franchises continue to live on in the minds of the gamers that have played them.  

Among my other Projects are Flektor, a media mashup site that I co-founded with Andy Gavin and Jason Kay and sold to Fox Interactive a year after it was created and within a week of going live, two comic book series, The Iron Saint and Mysterious Ways, a stint as President of THQ through an attempted restructuring, consulting in the technology and interactive space for Private Equity, and currently Head of Studios for Oculus, the VR devision of Facebook.

I'm also on the board of Elarm, a stealth startup I co-founded and then left in the capable hands of current management.

My passion is at the intersection of Art and Technology - my current focus is VR and the revolution coming in and around immersive entertainment, including games and linear video.